Have you been in that situation where you wanted to enjoy tranquillity a bit and take a rest from the roller coaster of life? We are feeling repetitive updates and information flow in our outer reality. The external world keeps changing around us, and we are looking for a new equilibrium. The Shift is beyond our comprehension, and we need to take deep breaths and find that centre: our presence.

We are coming out of a millennia-long separation. If you relax into the process, you will see that you are entering a new earth. It is like a cotton garment you put on several times, which remembers the shape of your body.

A comfortable, familiar space perhaps you know from your dreams. With each inhale and exhale, you are re-integrating it and aligning with it.

We came to the edge of many things. The time, consciousness, dimensional gateways… A stable reality has become a thing of the past. Our perception gained a liquid texture; everything is between the lines.

Even though the blurriness of it can cause fear, we can stay with that fear and allow it to be transmuted to love. Love for freedom, detachment, and finally, having that space between “you” and your external reality.

If you are sensitive to energy and have activated soul abilities to perceive beyond your five senses, you might see the frequency and vibrational quality of the “new”.

The contours of our identities are not as clear and sharp as before. This helps us redefine our relationships, habits, decisions, opinions and things that we thought made us who we are. We are not sure anymore. We are looking for new reference points.

We are at the dawn of our new being.

Can you find that reference point within your heart space?

Can you expand that space wider, removing the boundaries willingly?

We can finally let those walls, boxes, labels and definitions go. We can allow a new awareness to embrace us. We inhale and exhale peace and freedom.

We are on a new ground—a paradigm, a new home within and without. We are coming out of our disconnected and isolated state of being. We felt separated from nature and the entirety of the cosmos. The convergence and reintegration start from within.

Multidimensional consciousness as a paradigm for the beyond the veils, a system that speaks to our inner realms, and holds us present and stable, on this fluid ground aligns us to itself and to the New Earth reality.

I personally feel more connected than before.

A peaceful union with fellow beings who are entering through the doors of our New Home. Mother Earth’s joy echoes in us.

She counts our footsteps. We gather around her, celebrating and honouring the life in pure awareness.

Awareness experiences us.

We take deep breaths and find that centre: Our presence.

We are able to do it, while everything is in constant flux of a creative flair.

All is well now.

We have smoothly aligned and entered through the gates of our new home. Mother knows that you have arrived. She welcomes you with radiating love and joy.